Quality & Food Safty

Quality & Food Safty Policy :
Lilly Lollipop Factory understands that high quality products , healthy and safe are  the permanent way to achieve continued success and to gain confidence and to maximize the satisfaction of its clients by  achieving  their desires ; therefore the factory committed to applying a system of quality and food safety management and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness through  :

• Continuous training of employees who influence   the quality and food safety ; in addition to the continuous awareness with the  importance of quality and food safety system  and good manufacturing practices methodology .
• Compliance with legal requirements and specification standard that applicable to the factory  & its products .
• Resources  management   such as infrastructure , equipment and materials that achieve customer satisfaction and maintain food safety .
• Putting &  reviewing  the quality objectives that achieve the continuous improvement of the quality and food safety system and maximize customer satisfaction .
• Maintaining  the effectiveness of the equipment and other components of the infrastructure by preventive maintenance and modernization .
• Continuous monitoring of performance and to maintain communication on the internal and with external interested parties to identify opportunities for improvement, which increases the effectiveness of the quality management system and food safety and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements .
• The concept  of this policy is connected to the factory workers   & be available to the public and will be reviewed periodically to ensure the continuity of its suitability .

Health & Safety Police  :

Lilly Lollipop Factory is one  of  a leading factories of  manufacturing  gum and dry sweets  have a  great importance with occupational health and safety  & From this standpoint, we committed to the following :

• Working to prevent injuries and illnesses that  resulting from its activities & what related with it .
• Following  occupational health and safety procedures for workers affected by factory  activities and raising awareness of the potential consequences of not to  follow occupational health and safety  procedures constantly .
• Comply with all laws and regulations and other requirements for occupational health and safety  .
• Putting  goals & programs to improve occupational health and safety performance , reviewing   & updating it  periodically , and continuous improvement in applicate procedures   of risk control .
•  Creating a healthy climate, which participates in it all factory workers in this commitment .

To this end :
Occupational health and safety system was  established complies with  the specification  (OHSAS 18001: 2007) and commitment to achieve their requirements .
This policy concept must be  connected to the factory workers constantly  & aware them with  it; & must  be available & Publish to all parties associated with the factory,  and will be reviewed periodically to ensure the continuity of its suitability  for each associated  with factory  occupational health and safety affairs as well as continuous improvement of the performance of occupational health and safety .